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Gastronomie Saisonnière


The Gastronomie Saisonnière event series showcase Quebec's culinary heritage. The first occupant of the province had eating habits related to the seasonal products and conservation techniques they had developed; local agriculture was the way to survive. The objective was to trace the sources of Quebec gastronomy and reconnect with the annual cycles that formed them.

The first event of this was interested in the "Temps de sucre" which is the period in spring we harvest and transform the maple sap into maple sugar.

This event invited the locals to inaugurate the spring with maple craftsmen and Foodlab chefs who prepared a culinary experience inspired by maple products. An explanation circuit of the harvest and transformation of maple water familiarized the visitors with the production methods. Also during the weekend, we devoted an afternoon for two practical workshops : Preparing a vegetable garden for small urban spaces & The transformation of maple syrup into maple products.

The success of the event brought me to think about a product collection that would promote the Quebec culinary heritage. The idea behind the first product was to bring the sugar shack experience into every home. The result is a cooking kit including all the instructions and tools to make your own maple taffy at home.

Event location : Société arts technologiques

Chefs : Michelle Marek & Seth Gabrielse

Partners : Foodlab, FPAQ & Tuyaux Aston

Mentor : Luc Courchesne

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